Shop Use

The goal of MotoShed is to help you learn to work on and maintain your own motorcycle in a manner that is affordable, accessible, and inviting to everyone. We know that some folks will spend a lot of time doing complete rebuilds and others may only be doing basic tasks.  While you work at MotoShed, there is always someone available to lend a hand.  Don't know how to use a tool or piece of equipment?  No worries, that's why the shop exists, so you can learn!  We are also a full service parts provider for anything you need for your project.  See what we offer...

Shop Pass — $199/mo

Bring your bike by to get your maintenance done.  We also offer an hourly rate, but the Shop Pass offers unlimited hours in a month to get your project done. 

Have a bigger project?  One that needs storage and extra attention?  We offer a full Membership program at MotoShed for active builds and projects.  Stop by to see us to talk about your goals.  We don't sell full Memberships online or over the phone.  Face-to-face only.  We will be spending a lot of time in the same active shop space, a fully functioning motorcycle shop, you should make sure our space is what you are looking for before spending money.

A Full Membership is currently $250/Month.

 All shop use at MotoShed includes:

  • Full array of hand tools
  • Lift time as available
  • Discounted Tire Changes
  • Oil and tire disposal --- $5 oil / tire recycle fee applies
  • Parts washer
  • Ultrasonic cleaner as available
  • Sand blasting cabinet
  • Parts storage / receiving